Off The Beaten Path Prague!

Oh Prague – I’m in Love with you seriously!

If you are an art fan or a writer or any form of a creative person, then Prague is definitely the city for you!

My first and second day I expected that Okay I finished all I have to see in this city

but Nooo – there is really so much more in this city to explore! You can avoid the tourists traps and start wandering in a more unique and modern environment to really have a sense of what Prague has to offer.

Yes I love site seeing and exploring but every city I go to, I want to feel the real vibe of the city. so here are my few suggestions.

1- Gallerie La Femme! 

its a true treat, its completely dedicated to women – the beauty of women in all shapes and forms

I could spend hours in that art gallery! here are some few snippets of artist who are collaborating in that gallery.

The location is in the city center –

Bílkova 2
110 00 Praha 1

2- Fashion Shop Parazit

Karlova 25, 110 00 Prague 1 Really amazing place in the middle of the city center yet its a bit secluded. You get to find a lot of varieties from accessories to clothes to gifts items and its all designed by art students. It is really more of an art gallery than a boutique! check out some snippets of the boutique.

3- Katie Feygie Art Gallery

Maiselova 58/7, 110 00 Praha, Czech Republic


If you are interested in cool records store – then phono is definitely the place for you!

Opatovická 156/24, Praha 1

Then we move to this other area Praha 3

5- Bliss Farm Gallery!

Really the most amazing experience I have had in Prague or in any art gallery! they have a lot of variations from hand-painted cards to up-cycled furniture. Everything is done in up cycling. really the experience is not describable- its a must visit Čajkovského 22 Prague, Czech Republic

6- Studio Vintage

Kubelíkova 45 Praha 3

Very cool vintage shop where you can rent items as well!

7- Nanoantick

Nanoantik is a place where you can find anything! really from puppets, to sculptures to paintings and so on!


  • Kubelikova 25

    Praha 3 – Zizkov


feel free to check out their site however most of these galleries websites don’t do justice to the work. and even with the Photos I took, I feel there is much more to add and marvel once I go there again!

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