Barcelona Cafe – Creative Venture

One Barcelona Cafe and its creative Ventures!

It is one thing to love and create and another to pursue the passion even if might be silly, childish, funny. this is where the beauty of creativity lies.

Wandering around Barcelona, I ran across this beautiful work of an independent women entrepreneur.

It is a cool small Cafe in middle of Barcelona

Lens Comic Cafe in Barcelona is dedicated to comic art, board games and all things teenagers love including food and beverages for the elders. The place is just full of lively energy, teens doing their own thing. The idea has struck me cause it is beautiful place dedicated as hangout for teens with in all its aspects. even the food is dedicated for the taste of teens from pizza to chips and snacks.

do you believe same idea could be successful other place? could it be a success in USA? I believe so, teens are always in need of a place for a creative lively energy in warm, safe environment to nourish.

The idea of creativity and how can it help grown any business, have you thought about that impact in any business venture?

I highly believe that this Cafe has started out as a hobby or a passion and it turned into a real business which is how most successful businesses start.

now I’l let the pictures talk and shows the Beauty of Creativity 🙂




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