Barcelona Restaurants – long list but my Favourites?

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My list of favorite Barcelona Restaurants


Ok I have to say, its really hard to find very very good arabic food in the mix of wide selection of  Barcelona Restaurants, and Ugarit seriously made me feel I’m home with its most delicious Fattoush!! (Salad made with fried pieces of pita bread combined with mixed greens, radishes, tomatoes, mint and olive oil with lemon dressing)
also their eggplant dish was amazing!

The Owner is originally from Syria but he has immigrated to Spain Very long ago and he considers Barcelona his Home. The decoration of the restaurant makes you feel almost in Syria.

However It is a chain restaurant and I highly recommend going to this branch

Address: Carrer de Bruniquer, 37, 08024 Barcelona, Spain

Simply because all the staff is mostly arabic so the food is better prepared, the owner is usually there and the food taste better than in other locations, I have tried other location and didn’t like the food as much as this one.

and whats better than being treated by amazing arabic tea 🙂

2- Cal Cirera

I recently did a review of this restaurant – check out in this post (Cal Cirera)

however to give you a quick glipse, Its a fully Mediterranean experience!

3- Flax and Kale

My Favorite Raw Vegan Restaurant – also the options are amazing. (Plant Based, Gluten Free, Raw Vegan and Oily fish.

I had the Veggie Penang Red Cury which I highly recommend if you like spicy food

for Italian lovers, the Raw Lasagna was also amazing!

Many fresh juices to choose from, variety of foods and alternative to meat dishes.

My fav was the curry thai dish – it is really huge portions but It was super amazing, also spicy yum!!

4- Cachitos

It was my favorite Paella simply because they made alteration to their menu just to make one Vegan Paella for me! and it was simply amazing.

I highly recommend this place also because of their nice location after long shopping day, or touring around Gracia. Their staff is super nice and the drinks are good as well!

5- Brunch Favorite – TONKA!!

Tonka is really amazing with Brunch buffet which is super fresh, delicious and a mix of healthy and cheaty (delicious deserts and pastries!!) options!

Super good and also Vegan Friendly once you ask!

-so Now I have told you my list of Barcelona Restaurants, in Next post, I reveal My Favorite Coffee shops 🙂 Not all, some I hide in so i can’t Tell!

but lets face it all CAFE CON LECHEs are amazing in Barcelona! oh and the Fartons of course!

here is a glimpse of what you are missing out on!

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