Barcelona Spain and Skateboarding

Barcelona  Spain Museum of Contemporary Art
aka the Mecca for Skateboarding
Stumbling across El Raval area, you can’t help but notice or hear the sound of the skateboards
yet it is not just the sound, it is the energy fired up in that place
more than any other I have seen in Barcelona Spain
I can’t hide it, it’s My new joy in this City, is Skateboarding.
Being a Yoga Teacher, I appreciate any form of movement.
The art of Movement can relate in so many ways.
from the beauty of falling, falling and falling again till perfecting the movement,
the beauty of taking a chance, on the unknown
and the beauty of learning something new each time.
It is the idea of having the mind focused on one simple thing and in this case, it is the Skateboard
My day photographing these guys in Barcelona, Spain Museum of Contemporary Art may have started a bit early in the afternoon, with sun so bright, city is quiet cause everyone is taking a siesta (nap) But all I had to do was ask to get some cool skateboarding photos,
These young guys showed their best tricks, and it turned out to more than amazing photoshoot. At least in my opinion, I hope you enjoy!

Thanks for Brayan Albarenga with his help, Check him out on Amigo Skate Shop Barcelona

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