G.S. Guide to a week in Czech Republic

Prague – City of art and romance . Strange, right?, everyone think I would say Venice but the vibe in Prague is definitely all romance up in the air.

So if you are solo traveler, hmm maybe not the perfect city is not for you 😉

however I definitely enjoyed and was even overwhelmed with the beauty of the art scene there. So many independent art galleries and even more interesting small businesses.

Check it out here 

so here are my scores below then also my guide to quick Two day trip in Prague and also one-two day trip in Brno.

In my other article- I will delve much deeper into the art scene and the amazing thriving scene of small businesses in Prague

Friendly and Welcoming with Tourists?
Vegan Friendly?
Worth the visit?

Prague must see and do!

1- Charles Bridge

2- The Astronomical clock

3- The Old Town Square

4- St Vitus Cathedral

5- Prague Castle

6- Stumble upon the street markets. it is so adorable, fills you up with colors and vibrancy. from the puppets to the unique glass work. Every little thing in these market has its own beauty.

7- Also, If you have few extra time. Definitely recommend checking out the spas in Prague however Pilsen is definitely better city for that 😉


check out some of my favorite snippets from Prague

Brno, this little cute old town! Really beautiful and amazing.

I went to Brno, and I didn’t know what I was expecting however this little town has charmed me with its beauty. well first of all, I usually like smaller cities which are not on the tourist radar because

1- The people are more friendly and welcoming

2- You get more of experiences worth what you pay for

but here lets get back to Brno – the must dos and my favorite things!

1- Macocha Abyss – really cool cave!

2- The Castle! – I recommend going at night or specially sunset – Its Magical!!!

3- Walk around the town and check out the market – there is almost street market and music every day!

4- The Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul

5- Check out the Graffiti work by the Train Station


I would highly recommend visiting, if you are in Czech Republic for a week at least!

I would say spare two – three days for Pilsen!


My Must dos:

1- The Spas!!

2- The TownHall – Walk around the city and admire the buildings and the history

3- The Brewery Museum

4- The Puppets Museum


Its safe in my opinion yet not so lively at night or in some areas, very few who speaks english so a bit strange once you out of the touristy zone

2- Cost .

The Hungarian forint is pretty low compared to the Euro or the US dollar

1 Czech Republic Koruna equals
0.041 US Dollar
1 Czech Republic Koruna equals
0.037 Euro

So pretty similar, very cost efficient – many options

3- Welcoming and friendly

from my experience, a bit strange, friendly but cold in a way.

4- Vegan Friendly

not so much you would end up with a lot of meat and cheese everywhere, not many vegatarians or vegan options

 5- Worth The Visit?


More Time in Prague?
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