Define Home?

Define Home?

is it a feeling? is a place? or is it a dream?

we often say the word Home without acknowledging or addressing the fact, what is Home? how can we define home?

Have you ever wandered whats the feeling of Home? or what we classify as the word “home” ?

I always questioned that word since Leaving “my home” which yet I still call Home-Iraq. Yet, would it still be home, if I go back. No? All what’s loved there, what made it home does not exist there anymore?

since then I became a “traveller”, I never called a place home, Jordan, Raleigh-NC, Chicago never really created a feeling of home. however the practice of Yoga has made a home for me. This has shown me that I can create a Home in myself, in my own practice, my own life. When we are connected to ourselves, we create a spacious loving beautiful home. and Home could be anywhere in the world you choose.

Since I moved to Barcelona, My life has been a beautiful crazy chaos. I can’t say that traveling is not a blessing however things change, doesn’t go as planned or as we wish they turn out but the main thing is to stay connected.
The only thing keeping me sane was and is my Yoga Practice. my mat is my sense of love, sense of belonging to the place where I am.

My point here is: it we always look for outer things in life, the home, the clothes, even the yoga practice has became commercialized with the “lululemon brothers and sisters” but you can make anything beautiful if you choose your thoughts.

Yoga and meditation practice is most important to create a “Home” because your body IS your Home.

any thoughts? what makes any place your home?

In other post I will share my tips for travel and creating a feel of home anywhere you go other than your Mat of course 😉



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