Bits and Pieces from Berlin

1- East Side Gallery

Most amazing graffiti I have ever seen in my life – really piece of art on a wall

One of the touristy things that once you see it , and you are like YES! this is so worth it.

Check out my few snippets – actually a lot but hard to choose my favorites!

2- BradenBurg Gate

 its one of the must do list in Berlin, I highly recommend going around sunset or night, less tourists and photos turn out amazing! The view is also very very beautiful around that time!

3- OberBaum Bridge

4- Tier Garten and Holocaust Memorial

You don’t have to be an activist or into history much in order to feel the story or the strong vibes in this memorial, Just by walking there, you start to feel and understand the stories of the jewish victims of the holocaust, Its really indescribable piece of art really!

5- The stumbling stones

Walking around Berlin is like walking in a history book.

walking in the streets and seeing the stumbling stone (they are brass stumbling stones that has the name of the missing european jews who left their home and gone missing)- Here lived, Deported and murdered.

there are many conflicting opinions about it, yet I firmly believe in the importance of it. it doesn’t only represent the missing jews of the Holocaust, it also represent any outcasted members of the society but mainly It is for the Holocaust victims.


for more read this article Stumbling Stones – Stolperstein

6- StreetArt

 Everywhere! just walking around this city you would be overwhelmed with art specially if you are street art fan!

7- Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

It was badly damaged in bombing raid in 1943, Now it is rebuilt (more history here)

However in my sense 🙂 it is so beautiful to see how damaged art can still remain beautiful, even the ceiling is all sealer together with the cracks, it is a full resemblance of Kintsugi (the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum)

8- Visit Kreuzberg’s – The Turkish Neighborhood to have turkish food and check out the markets of course!

9- Shopping areas

  • Friedrichstrasse –
  • Potsdamer Platz – Mall of Berlin
  • Kurfurstendamm – for more luxury boutiques and brands

10- (Görlitzer Park)

if you are going to brave it – go through (Görlitzer Park)

Its very much worth seeing – you would feel scared yet you know you won’t be harmed.

You would see a lot of homeless people, lots of drug dealers, yet Joggers, Bikers, moms with strollers doing their own thing like Normal. Drug dealers don’t want to harm anyone because they don’t want Police to come. Interesting strategy so being curious had to walk over there.

No one would harm you really, just the walk in it is an experience, No Picture tho! of course 🙂

and there's much more to do in this amazing city! But these were my favorites to try!

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