G.S. Guide to Budapest

Budapest – or The city of beautiful buildings, the beautiful architecture – so much history hidden in each building that you feel part of this city, part of its glory!

There is also an interesting vibe of this city which certainly makes you feel at ease the moment you are in it, which is strange and you don’t encounter in all cities. maybe its the Danube River, or maybe its the beautiful art in the building and maybe its the people!


below are quick score bars to describe my experience with more details below

Friendly and Welcoming with Tourists?
Vegan Friendly?
Worth the visit?


Its super safe, can walk super late and get lost at night and yes not even feel afraid a bit because the city is alive in each day, each night.

Maybe not all locations but at least if you stay within the center which by that I mean like up to 3-5km from the center which is wide range.

2- Cost .

The Hungarian forint is pretty low compared to the Euro or the US dollar

1 Hungarian Forint equals

0.0036 US Dollar

1 Hungarian Forint equals

0.0032 Euro

so perfect city for shopping actually! not that it is the main thing but hey you can always check out new things

3- Welcoming and friendly

from my experience i felt very welcomed and I noticed how hospitable and nice Hungarian people were to me. but Its kinda part of the culture which make it seem a bit cold at beginning but they are super friendly so I enjoyed that!

4- Vegan Friendly

it is a bit difficult to find vegan options, even vegetarian really you would end up with.

bit of my experience — I was at a food stall in a market, and I asked what do you have thats vegatarian? hmm I will make you “Beautiful Grilled Cheese Sandwich”

so you don’t get vegetarian or vegan food but super nice people and hey That Grilled Cheese sandwich did turn out beautiful!

Also, Me and my fellow traveler friend, were able to find a vegan restaurant (vegankozmosz ) through Happy Cow App which I recently been using, In other link I will post my review of the restaurant (by the way, it was super good 🙂 )

and we found there are many options if you look for vegan restaurants specifically but I usually just like to go do my own grocery shopping to stay healthy.

5- Worth The Visit?


Check out my details below , and The few snippets 😉

1- Top Sites to see in Budapest

  1. Buda Castle
  2. Széchenyi Bridge
  3. Hungarian Parliament Building
  4. Basilica of St Stephen
  5. Hero’s square
  6. The railway station – seriously its a piece of art!

2- My Favorite Spots – No tourist will know 😉

  1. Szechenyi baths
  1. Blue Technology Salon (check out this post for full details about my experience – The art of reflexology)
  2. A-38 (its a historical ship and also a lounge)
  3. City Park (its one of the most adorable parks I’ve ever been to – many of the photos are from the park – its also very close to the baths)
  4. Admire the Danube River at night!
  5. More of my Secrets spots and details in other articles coming soon 🙂

3- Shopping

1- Central Market Hall

2- WestEnd City Center – More local than touristy!

3- Vaci Street – for more boutiques and fun stuff!!

and this is a quick guide for 3-5 days in Budapest – for more details – please comments with questions 🙂


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