How to Stay Motivated in Ten minutes of your day?

In our time, Most of us are working more than one job, freelancing, working and going to school, working and being a full time Mom, Entrepreneurs who are doing it all together, all of us have our crazy times hassling many things at once. Specially in our western world where being busy is very highly respected and appreciated. most common thing or question to ask “What have you been up to? Oh i have just been so busy!? ” We really never really appreciate quiet time?

When do we really have the time for ourselves? rarely! and with social media, its actually never!

So what’s the solution? how to stay motivated? how to stay focused while being on top of it all and be in love with your life at the same time? (wait that’s the most important thing “to be in love with your life”

Here are my few key to go to:

pick or choose or pick all 🙂

1- Journaling (5 min)

Have a notebook, write at day, night, lunch break, any time really that works for you.

but what’s journaling, I had a coach once tell me “Start Journaling” and my answer was “okkk and what should I write? dear diary? journal?” No this is not what I’m referring to.

My Key advice is to write a feeling or something that you would like to manifest in that day or that week.

I’ll give you an example (to feel inspired) (to feel happy) etc of feelings. remember not a material object.

I have read that in Danielle LaPorte book – Desire Map and since then Its something that I always do or at least pick a manifestation for a week.

And if you don’t do it for a day- don’t sweat over it, leave that day or week then you come back to it. It shouldn’t be stressful thing, it should be something that makes you feel relieved

also You can write many other things, positive things happened during your day, even if negative things happened, Once you write it, it turns into something completely different. it helps you understand your feelings or why did it even bother you in first place.


2- Meditation (10 min)

Journaling and Meditation for me goes hand in hand as I usually meditate or journal same time or do at least one or the other.

and meditation could be so many forms really, it is not just sitting down. it could be so many forms, Here i list few but in other posts I will elaborate more on each technique

  • Vipassana Meditation – Simply the easiest form of meditation where you can sit in a comfortable seated pose and observe your breath, observe each inhale, each exhale, any thoughts that may arise to observe them then to go back to your breath. You can start with 5 minutes a day then increase each day.
  • Walking Meditation – is to focus on your breath while walking, to focus on each breathe. This is I find specially helpful in Urban Environment – Oh Chicago! during my time in Chicago I was mostly practicing walking meditation as being rushed down from work to school, to work, so helpful
  • Mantras – so many mantras to chant and listen to and this is another form I’m in love with and Ill talk about more deeply
  • Sipping a cup of coffee with no distraction can be meditative, eating can be meditation, not looking at your phone, enjoying a meal sitting down or enjoying a cup of coffee and writing. no distraction (no phone, no tv of course)
  • Music – Binaural beats is the most amazing thing! and ill share more about it

meditation, stonehouse, farm, urban yogi

3- Yoga or any form of movement (Dance included!) (30 min)

yoga can come in so many ways. when i first came to Barcelona, i felt so lost, so distracted and i realized is because I didn’t do my practice for a week maybe and once i get back is when i started feeling alive again.

for me, Ashtanga yoga is my love because of the quietness, its just you and your breath, it is my moving meditation. but that doesn’t mean i don’t enjoy all forms of Yoga.

and this subject of course has many layers but find your love! what form of movement you enjoy?! enjoy the art of movement, could be only a walk or a dance to your favorite song


4- Disconnect!! dedicate some time to disconnect- no phone, no social media, no distraction. 

that shouldn’t be so difficult, right?

5- Green, Green, Green.

I can not live without green juice. my to go to even on the go is wheat grass. They sell sell them in powder and you can have it anywhere even if you are traveling. Its the one thing, that you never see my backpack without it. but it could be in any other forms but find wheat grass is most efficient for me.


and thats it! Sending you some love <3

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