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Chef Ramon executive chef at LeMeridien Abu Dhabi where they have a night where they let the chef eatertain you – basically The chef creates his favourite dishes and you pay what you feel is worth the meal you had.

so being a vegan really was not expecting much, specially being in the middle east where lets be honest not the most vegan friendly place.

However chef ramon prepared amazing salads and he shares his recipes with us

  • Seaweed, Ginger and Carrot Salad
  • Quinoa, Fennel, Cherry Tomato and Feta Cheese
  • Super Green Salad

Chef Ramón is originally from the Pyrenees area in Spain specifically Huesca where he grew up in the hospitality industry, He continued his studies with one of most reputable schools in Barcelona for Tourism and Hotel Management which is CETT Universidad de Barcelona .

He moved on to work in pop up restaurants in ireland which is one of the most challenging and diverse opportunities for Chefs

First Salad and Maybe my Favourie! 

is the Seaweed Ginger and Carrot Salad – Click for Recipe!!

First, Seaweed is really good for health specially for Vegans as it is full of Minerals

Second, The salad has the mix of crunchiness, sweet taste of carrot and a bit of tangy flavor from the sauce and the Ginger

Second Salad is The Quinoa, Fennel, Cherry Tomato and Feta Cheese

Click to view the recipe!


Quinoa is one of the best foods for vegetarians as it is very rich with proteins, yes the salad is not fully vegan because of my addictions to Cheese.

This salad was my favourite because it has all my favourite things in one plate, pomegrante, quinoa and tomato and on top of that Feta Cheese!!

The mix of flavors definitely makes it a hit!!

The Super Green Salad

and for the super healthy options, full of iron is the super green salad aka super delicious!

for recipe: click on the salad name!

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