Minimalist Packing Tips

My Packing List!

My secrets to becoming a minimalist traveler, is to pack at least as possible!! how? use the above list 🙂
I meet so many travelers on the road and overtime over time I’m asked how do you travel with so little backpack! I started with a 50L backpack which I’m actually using it as 38L because its saving me soo much effort and time.
and I’ll tell you why? and how to do it!
1- You will only need the staple things, like Black dress, Black shirt and/or white,
for me, Black is my favorite so I always dress it up with accessories, and while is the same.
2- Each country you go to: you will eventually have to buy something new because customs and cultures in almost each country you go to is different,
also if its short trip, you will want to buy some stuff to bring home with you! at the end, either way you will end up shopping for clothes 😀
3- Its more economical to buy quick stuff then to pay for checked bags and have the hassle to carry it.
4- Clothes get old quicker when you travel more than when you live at home.
In Chicago, where I used to live some clothes i wouldn’t wear for like two months or so while when you travel, its always the same! saves you time and money when you live minimalist.
5- You are less attached to material things, I usually end up throwing away some stuff in each country I go to or give away
Small BackPack Items Recommendations
Small backpack to carry with you, during sightseeing, in trains, and so on.
why? because you can have all electronics and precious stuff with you

Here is my recommendations
or what I always have with me!

1- Laptop (Unless you work remotely or absolutely need it – don’t ever take it)

My recommendations if you are always on the go!

even I was resisting the idea of buying a mac! but its totally worth the investment and also super light!!!

2- Kindle or Books

I love paperbacks, its my absolute weakness however with travel, kindle or any ebook reader is much more weight friendly.

If You know you will finish a book then buy another one – The other option is paperooks, because Books and used books are much cheaper and available to buy in Europe or Asia – Book markets everywhere and its my favorite also.

3- Camera!!!

I can not stress this enough, i regretted so much not buying ap professional camera earlier, because I was taking photos with my phone and the quality is not the same in earlier trip that i have taken. you look back then you are like damn it, i miss that trip to Paris, thats totally how i feel!

I was recommended to buy OMD-EM5 or OMD Em-10

i got the 10 and super happy with it! absolutely recommend

My CarryOn recommendations:

Front Loading is a must!! other things are just your preferences.
reason why front loading is so much better because you have to unload the whole bag if you have top loading, therefore top loading is much more accessible.

Disclaimer: I'm an Amazon affiliate so when you click on any of the links, I get a small portion which helps keep the blog alive 🙂

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