New year, new day, new intentions!

My New Year Intentions?

This New Year year, My intention was to travel.

Im reading each book, researching each travel blog, following million of Instagram account, oh and my list continues.

My daydreaming of traveling and seeing the world is becoming larger and larger each day.

so this New Year, My intention was to pursue this dream to create a travel year or a Gap Year to pursue my passion.

Those two weeks trips and the weekend trips really started to lose their flare.

What I want is to learn cultures, to explore languages, to find my true passion for life again.

So i have finally decided what are my goals, Finish my MBA, Finish the yoga teacher training and then finally quitting the corporate job. Ultimately to leave Chicago and start my Journey of traveling, searching and learning.

By Taking the leap, I started by selling all my belonging, getting rid of anything that doesn’t serve me (really not just a saying that you hear in a yoga class). getting rid of things, has made me get rid of feelings, emotions, and memories)

each time I was letting go of things, I was letting go of a memory or an emotion.

My New Year intention was to live by “Not all who wanders are lost”

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