On the Beach In — India :)

so from Mysore- KPJAYI (for the non yogis followers- it is a big ashtangis dream to study there)

hoever I can not live without the sea so we planned a girls trip to beaches in South India – Karnataka state.

It is not very usual tourist spot – so here are the details. we started from Mysore with our amazing driver who was arranged by Anu’s Cafe. amazing Ganesh! who has been helping us all Yogis with arranging taxis from airport, to any tourist trips, super! beyond even super.


so our first stop-Gokarna

we were told to book hotel in advance, we didn’t obviously 🙂 so we get there, crazy to find a hotel – one seems shady and one seems scary specially we arrived at night so my advice is

1- BOOK IN ADVANCE, or at least check online, also check the reviews thoroughly 🙂 specialy if you are solo female travelers 😉


i know it may seems obvious but hey we got lucky with Sanskruti Quality Resort.

2- Remember Its India – You can Bargain 🙂  yes even in Hotels

it was super beautiful hotel, with pool. not really close to the beach so next morning we head to OM beach

beautiful, serene  in the morning , afternoon crowds of Indian guys come and will snap photos haha so just ignore or check out this cool cafe.

there are so many cool cafes in OM beach however this one is special, you gotta meet the crazy french guy-the waiter- super funny and amazing- you will get a good laugh I promise you.



Check out the OM sign :))


now we done from Beach – off to Murudeshwar – The large Shiva statue – which has the second tallest Shiva statue in the world-



really beautiful – I recommend going during sunset just to get good photos, oh and don’t be intimidated by the tall tower because it has a “LIFT”




3- Stay at Heritage or Guest Homes

Indian hospitality is pretty amazing! so don’t judge a book by its cover, we found this random guest house on google.

Driver was driving in backroad or the actual road maybe, empty, dark road and bumps. its not even paved road


we get to the hotel and woooo


beyond what we dreamed of. the owner of the hotel is Antique dealer so the whole hotels is furnished with antiques.

mavalibeachwe were treated with spinach paneer homemade! the room was with sea view, comfortable bed and super amazing furniture with details in each corner!

here is a glimpse!



breakfast was even better, we had dosa, pirrotas and also coffee and western breakfast but who would eat bread and jam when you have homemade indian deliciousness!!


we were told we must check their local beach – Mavali Beach- piece of heaven


the waves are magical, the serenity is amazing, the whole beach was for us for the full afternoon with a view of murudeshwar temple.



last we drove to St Mary Island! and Malpe Beach,

its definitely worth the try however

the boat that takes from Malpe beach to the Island – is scaaary! we were afraid but then we said okay we will go.

got to the island, its beautiful with volcanic stones, clean waters. great for photos.


but be prepared and take foods and water because its really empty!!!



then the road back to mysore :))


4- Other tips or maybe most amazing thing about travel in India – Coconuts stands anytime on the road, fruit stands you can have fruit salad on the Road!

5- Always carry a Scarf with you! you never know when you will need it

6- Wet Napkins and hand sanitizes are a must 😉

7- Enjoy the Ride 🙂




everything is better on a Hammock :))



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