Papagallo Italian Restaurant AD- مطعم باباكالو الايطالي

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Papagallo – Italian Restaurant at LeMeridien AbuDhabi 

You really don’t have to leave Abu Dhabi to have a proper Italian meal! and even better a vegetarian Meal!

At Papagallo, everything is uniquely picked out to have traditional Italian meal from the spices, the fresh herbs and the recipes.

The menu have many different options which mostly all good and out of the best Italian meals Ive had in the UAE

The service is in the restaurant is one of the best because the staff try their best to make you have the best experience.

For starters, They bring fresh bread and a variety of Italian dibs (super fresh and delicious)

بمطعم باباكالو متحتاج تترك ابو ظبي وتسافر لايطاليا حتى تاكل احسن اكل ايطالي

المطعم موجود ضمن لي ميريديين ابو ظبي ويحضر اطيب الاكلات الايطاليه و مو بس ايطالي بس في وجبات نباتيه

الاختيارات متعدده باكلات المطعم وتقريبا كل الاكلات الي جربتها من احسن الاكلات الايطاليه الي جربتها بالامارات

الخدمه بالمطعم من احسن الخدمات ودائما يحاولون بان يعطوك احسن تجربه بالمطعم

للمقبلات يقدمون الخبز الطازج مع انواع من الصلصات

I have had the INSALATA BELLA ELENA which has the mix of savory and sweet.

Tossed greens with marinated pear, white balsamic, roasted almonds, limes dressing and gorgonzola cheese

Usually its a bit difficult to find vegetarian options specially in an Italian restaurant however Papagllo really takes care of the details even in the salads.

The salad was fresh, crispy, and amazing taste mix of savory and sweet.

the main course was


With smoked eggplant, truffle oil, soft goat cheese and fresh garden herbs

it was amazingly delicious, the mix of the truffle oil, the cheese. everything is made into perfection

The desert

Tiramisu of course is my favorite

it was served different more urban looking with a jar but still amazingly delicious

From Atmosphere standpoint, it has really nice Italian decor inside, and also has outdoor seating.

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