What’s your Vacation-ing Type?


What’s your Vacation-ing Type?



What is the best travel destination for me?

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I love traveling, it is my hobby and now it became my full time job.

Before I started traveling full-time, I have always managed to travel whether I was in school or working full time corporate job.

How Did I manage to do it? I plan a lot! and I enjoy doing it.

I want to offer my services for other people who have the lust for travel yet don’t have the time or the patient for the planning.

I always managed to get the most out of my travel because I enjoy it so much!

What's My Ultimate Travel Destination?

Currently – Croatia

Coming Up – India

My days and Budget?

Currently – I am a full time traveler so its my way of living

Budgeting for full time travel is almost like budgeting for your everyday life!


I highly believe each one of us could have a complete different experience in the exact same city. In the exact same city, you could have the most urban luxurious vacation or you could have a simple and amazing off the beaten path travel routes. I believe the beauty of travel allows us to have many different experiences based on our interests.

My Interests?

for me, trying out the culture, living like a local, learn about businesses, about the people

Most Amazing Vacation I have had?
again! Many?!

I have to choose my first long term experience as a solo traveler was in Puerto Rico so I have to stay it is my favorite

My Musts?

Wifi – Vegetarian Food – My Yoga Practice


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