The Art of Reflexology Massage in Budapest

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The Art of Reflexology Massage in Budapest

By Blending the past with the presence, the beauty of the ancient Hungarian methods with the modern technologies and research, The art of reflexology thrives in Hungary. (Reflexology roots in Hungary link back to after WWII).

I came across Blue Technologies Salon while I was at Szechenyi baths.


First, I was greeted with such a warm welcome from the the sales person, the front desk and then the Masseuse. But lets admit it, you kinda expect that in a spa.

I have received many reflexology treatments and massages before so I was not expecting much really. and by Being a yoga instructor, I have been always curious about energy circulation in the body and how the body movements could affect it.

Speaking with my therapist while she was performing the reflexology treatment, she was educating me about the history of reflexology in Hungary, how did she start to learn about it and about her studies for over 20 years with one of most famous Reflexology experts in Hungary.

She also explained to me each point, what part of the body she was working on and which Chakra was it influencing.. I was quite intrigued to know more that I even wanted to start writing everything she was telling me.

We have moved to the massage part in which was one of the best massages I have ever received. The masseuse used one of most ancient and most famous mixes of Hungarian wine

There were also additional plants extracts that were used to treat the body with special strokes and techniques to make the skin absorb the oils.

Last Part was the face treatment which included a massage and treatment with special hungarian apple extract.

To be quite honest, i was very impressed on the first day. however the next day, i can not describe how amazing I have felt so i was talking with the inventor of the technology to learn more about reflexology and his studies.

Szenyan Zoltan is the founder of Blue Technology which is trademarked through out Europe, He has studied reflexology Message for over 20 years in which he is the president of the National Exam Committee of Reflexelogy. He is firm beliveer in the power of reflexology and its healing abilities.

what the shamans and the healers have used in combination with exercise. He continuously develops his technology based on the results of his own research in addition to the international scientific researches.

In addition I had a reflexology treatment Mr Zoltan so I could learn more about it, yet of course, To also experience it from the Master who has invented the technology. He explained to me more about the Meridian points in the foot and its connection with the body ailments, the energy points and its’ effects on each chakra in the human system. The treatment was so prominent that I felt each energy point in my body and each chakra color. The music was hungarian violin which i believe also part of the mixture of the technology as it utilized sound therapy.

Some photos of the experience, very few photos as most of the method is kept a secret as a trade mark. Please contact me if you are interested in learning about the methodologies so I could link you with the right person in blue technologies.


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