Small Business Scene in Barcelona Spain

“Share your passion, Its what bring the world to you” (Vintage Stores Hunting in Barcelona)

My love for this city doesn’t come from the ancient ruins, the historic gothic architecture or the modernism movement building.

Even though I enjoy all of it, There is much more in this city to devour and enjoy.

Most of all is the energy that this city brings, the creativity in any aspect, the passion that shows beautifully in the small businesses industry.

Today My journey was taking me on a time travel thanks to the beautiful vintage stores in El-Raval area. There are many to count but my picks were:

First store that I have stumbled upon was Flamingo Vintage Kilo in which the clothes are sold by the kilo, very amazing and interesting concept, But that wasn’t all, the energy of the place takes you back in time, to the time where these items were blooming, vibrant and full of flavor.


The reason why i write about this place in particular, is also its branding. Even though it is a vintage store in which you don’t expect to be heavily invested on branding, Their Flamingo was showing is in each corner of the store which gives the store not just its own unique brand but its livelihood culture.

P7150144 P7150142 P7150146


The Decoration takes you back in time in each little detail from the bohemian dresses to the military outfits, to the vintage scale, to the changing room full of Elvis photos, so many exquisite details to counts. Photos speaks better to the shop.

P7150145 P7150159 P7150152 P7150150


The second oh La Boutique


The beauty of La Boutique is the transition in the time era the moment that you enter the store, the transition of taking you back into the swing era. The beauty of the shop lies in it’s tranquility, its atmosphere of music, and the classic designers. The Store atmosphere gives you the feeling as if you are in that time zone of the vintage items, in a different space and a different age.

P7150175 P7150186 P7150177 P7150178

The Owner of the boutique shares her passion and love for vintage in way so evident that is hard not to fall in love with the store. and this is the beauty of small business in which you get the real touch, the real interaction and the real passion.  The details are evident in each corner however my favourite was the little closet room, it felt as if you are stepping into someone else closet from the swing era 🙂


P7150182The third – Emma Barcelona


In which was not a vintage store entirely, but it was capturing all aspects from modern designers, into second hand clothes and into renting?! hm did you hear renting?

Yes, they rent specific set of cloths for a month where you can rent items for 30 euros a month which I though is also an mazing concept! for recycling above all?! and how many times we buy fancy dresses for one event and never wear them again?! I know there are websites that does the same idea like renttherunway but you never guaranteed that these clothes will look good however this store offer you the convenience of trying it on, renting it and returning it

P7150200 P7150207 P7150209

The fourth – Anoushka



Not a vintage store, But! It was a mix of Modern clothing with indian fabrics and textiles from Designer named Anoushka, Beautiful Store, Amazing Designs and you get the feel of the mix between the Oriental Textiles and the European Designs

P7150305 P7150315 P7150318

Links to the stores:
Flamingo –
La Boutique-
Emma : Fb- Emmabarcelona
Anoushka – (You can also order online)

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