Talay Restaurant – Thai in Abu Dhabi

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Thai Food is definitely one of my favorite food in the world specially because it is spicy, the aromas of the food and on top of all the use of coconut! However, sometimes being vegan/vegetarian makes you limited in the options that you explore with in any international cuisine.

However at Talay they customize the dishes based on your dietary needs, even though there were vegetarian options. I was really craving the coconut curry therefore they made me one thats fully Vegan

1- The Service

as I mentioned earlier, super attentive staff and also very accommodating to your needs. On top of that, I got to visit the Chef Backstage 🙂

2- The atmosphere

Very chilled atmosphere and has the most amazing view of the sea!

Inside, more tranquil. I would say take a date 😉 Unfortunately I was not, only enjoying my food.

3- The quality of the food!


Really super amazing! What I had was the Coconut soup, the coconut curry, I tired the chips actually and they didn’t taste like fish (so I’m not sure if that still counts vegetarian) and also the spring roll.

The tofu curry was my favourite, the tofu was crunchy yet soft, very well cooked and the vegetables tasted amazing!

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