Travel Planning Tips


No really, you can plan but don’t over plan.
What I mean by that is to Plan only the major things
(like really have a macaron in Paris or Dance Tango in Argentina), the rest will follow!
Long lists may limit you from enjoying the city
 However I do a lot of Research before I go somewhere/anywhere – when? (In the bus, in the plane, at the airport, you know wait time)

What I mostly look for?

1- Major things to do or what is the city famous for?
2- The areas – I tend to always pick more local neighborhoods
3- Public Transport vs Renting a Car
4- Look up Blog articles for off beaten path things to do  or sometimes even on Instagram (you would be surprised of fun things you would find before you go to a city)


Flights Booking Tips!

1- Google Flights – Google Flights and Google Flights

Best Travel planning tip is to use Google Flights. Really – I used to look and look  before on almost all airlines booking sites like cheapOair- priceline etc. now I  just rely on google flights – it has been over two years like that since the launch of google flights because It gives you the lowest price possible.
another feature in google flights that I absolutely love (and I am sure other adventurous travelers would adore) is that you can just put the Origin – and see anywhere in the world – the price of the flight! oh the possibilities!!
Some random weekends you might find flights roundtrip to Paris for 300$ no really! it happens

2- Momondo

Another Flights agent I have been using is Momondo – same concept as google but actually better in some point that it looks up Budget airlines that doesn’t show up on google

3- Sign up for flight fare alerts!

Specially if You have in mind that you are going somewhere or daydreaming about it.
check out Airfare watch dog

Fare alerts watchdog

You can set up from the originating city to anywhere
or Both the origin and the city!

4- Sign up for Sales from Airlines

  • Frontier airlines
  • Porter
  • alaskan airlines
  • United – has really good sales
  • American Airlines – has also weekly sales
without naming it all- in the USA almost all airlines have sales but some are much stronger than others 😉
like for example – I flew with Frontier – for 40$ one way from Chicago to Orlando
Round Trip to Toronto from Chicago – 120$

5- Weekend Deals!

This one is my favorite –
You don’t even have to take a day off from work
United post deals each Tuesday – thats midnight – so sometimes the really amazing deals go fast.
this one is really great because you get to leave Friday after work and come back Monday morning or Tuesday
SO yes you might end up having to take one day off but its worth it.
they even have international destination sometimes

Thank you United!

Really is my favorite airline plus they are very pet friendly
For budget airlines, Im sorry I know a lot of people love southwest but it is kinda my not to go to because almost never on time, But I tried them only twice and both were lots for delays – the good thing about them tho is that they are very pet friendly!
Spirit also the same, I wouldn’t recommend them unless I have to.

6- Check for Nearby Airports!

Like Wilmington airport – who would fly to it? very rare
I almost flew by myself once in flight from Chicago-WiImington
I can’t remember how much it was but it was a weekend deal so amazing score!

Money Saving Tips for Travel!

Accommodation Booking Tips

1- Hotel

while is still favorite to Many and really if it is short term it is my preferred option as well. Specially when within the US and Canada – you can find really good deals using



 Also reading reviews of Hotels when you want to have more of Spa feeling like the Eldorado – Eldorado

2- AirBnB

Longterm – definitely airbnb
Some of my recommendations:
look up reviews always!
double check the area!
Sometimes even without reviews you end up super lucky like this one apartment I stayed in Croatia which was overlooking the sea. not a single review – and it was in a town thats super amazing!

More on AIrBnB on other post for my recommendations and also funny stories, amazing ones and horrible ones! Yet it is still the best!

With AirBnB, You experience the culture, you meet amazing people who sometimes end up being you friends or more, you learn the hideout spots for locals, and many other great things i could say but watch out for more posts coming soon!

3- Hostels

hmm really it is a hit or miss
for me it has been always Okay but I mostly do hostels only if I’m there for a night or two.
I had one most amazing experience that I will never forget in Berlin – really the best so i have to give shoutout for this hostel if you are ever in Berlin
The Owner is really super passionate about Berlin and he really sits you down for almost half an hour to just to explain all you want to know about Berlin – Super amazing
here is the link:
RiverSide Berlin Lodge

AirBnB credit for your next vacation!

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